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updated as on 15th September 2021

why should i order infraconsoft when there are so many software?

Answer:- here are just few of our "unique selling points"

a) The infraconsoft prices you can compare in the market , you can never get so many facilities , features, for such low and affordable cost. Our overheads are so low hence we are able to provide at such low price.

b) When you request for a proposal , you will always receive the most recent “packaged plans” where you get a huge offers included in those packages even if you do not ask for it.

c) our customers are strong even during pandemic and kept their expenses on control and managed the company efficiently.

d) We have an advanced systematic "Infraconsoft implementation" to ensure zero failure of implementation .

e) PF portal entries of staff is "JUST - A- CLICK- OF A BUTTON NOW " in payroll module.

f)Our customers are thrilled to use infraconsoft , it has become a part of their progress.

g)Whatever the front end staff promise and deliver what the management is willing to deliver. All our dealings are transparent, all prices and offers.

B)what do you mean by “Module License” and “User License”


a) “User License” means the subscription payable by the subscriber to use a Module of . One “User License” subscriber can use multiple modules (if they have subscribed and if they are allowed by the admin of the company to use the modules.)

b) “Module License” means the license to use the module . There are now 8 modules and 2 CRM related modules. So when you subscribe to these modules , you can use those modules. The modules have to be subscribed separately and user license separately based on the individual needs. Its enough if you subscribe “one module for one company”. For other users to use the same module, only the additional “user license” has to be subscribed.
2)Question:- You seem to be having about 10 modules, should we order for all or we can order only for few modules that are important to us?
Answer:-a) you can order only for the modules that are needed for you. For your convenience we have 12 different plans for you to choose, please visit our subcription plans page here
3) Question:-
Do we need to purchase any other "Third party software" or any
hardware to run your software infraconsoft?


a) No Nothing, Not at all . You need not buy anything , all you need is a computer with internet connection and a browser thats all.
Do you provide training on infraconsoft at our office , at our site ?

Answer:-a)Yes "On spot training" is provided for customers at
their office /at their site if requested @ extra cost.


Its pandemic now but we want the software to be implemented how it can be done? our staff are also working from home.? is there a "touch less /contact less facility for training and implementation of your software?


a) YES! We have the online implementation plan, where we do it all online. We have been successfully doing this for a long time , so there is absolutely no problem, we can do it online.

Can we request for changes and customization in the
software as per our needs and specific requirements?

Answer:- a) Yes, sure it's possible at extra cost. This software is fully owned by Nissi Infotech , so there is nothing that stops us from providing you customization wherever possible unless otherwise it completely changes the flow of software.
7)Question. You provide Tally* accounting software integration.Will my accounting details will be in your server?


No. Never. It works this way. Your inventory data that is entered by you in the infraconsoft software online is downloaded "just on a click" (integrated, ) into your Tally* software from the cloud to your computer wherever infraconsoft authenticated , offline-computer is available . It happens all by a "click" of a button.

7b) Question :- Will i lose any of my data when we keep doing the integration?
Answer:- Never , its all done perfectly , you need not worry about it. Its now 12 years plus we are doing it. nothing to worry.

7c)Can i integrate the Inventory data to my Tally* that is working in multiple locations? branches?

Answer:- YES 100%.

8)Question :-

We want software but we do not have such able staff to handle the software here. Can you provide staff with knowledge of your software to be permanently stationed at our office?

Yes. Sure. We can provide. We have already provided such staff to our existing customers. That will not be a problem.
8a)Question:- We are not from India, do you send your staff outside india?

Answer:- YES, Except few countries , for all other countries we can send staff. All we look for is the security and well being of our staff to be taken care by you, if that is assured, we can send our staff to any country. That will not be a problem.
9)How can you assure that our data is secure with you?

answer-a:- If your question is about our integrity, then you can be 100% assured about the same. We have a "data protection manager" So you need not worry about it.

answer-b:- if your question is about the "server security", then again you need not worry about it, we are in a world renowned data center with cloud technology.

answer-c:- If your question is about "data back up" then again you need not worry about it. Though we are in a great server , we still do back ups in different geographical locations. We have never lost our customers data for the past 12 years.


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