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Welcome to infraconsoft - here are the list of 10 modules and their highlights!

1)Infraconsoft - Inventory, module with
c)vendor management

One of our customer is using www.infraconsoft.com to manage his Airport branch - construction work. He is managing 22 branches using www.infraconsoft.com

a)Infraconsoft inventory module has been a huge cost saving module for our customers for the past several years.

b)our customers are standing strong inspite of all challenges due to the strong backing of infraconsoft.

2)Infraconsoft -GST module

Infraconsoft GST module is integrated facility of inventory

Infraconsoft inventory module has been integrated with new TCS "Tax collected at source" facility that is required in GST recently

3)Infraconsoft -Fleet management module

Manage your owned & hired heavy Fleet . Manage the Fuel expenses. Tyre and Battery cards and more and more...

Infraconsoft fleet management module is being used for managing the heavy construction fleet /movable and immovable machinery

4)Payroll Management module

Most of our customers are managing almost 3000+ employees or more. To pay salaries, and they just download the xl file from infraconsoft payroll module and send it to bank and the salaries are automatically - credited to the staff,

Configure managerial, admin, ground staff etc under different schemes and salary package,

apply different schemes of salary payment based on grade etc.,

auto calculate PF & ESI

auto calculate/configure deductions,leave , holidays and more and more....

5)Asset management

Land Asset management
Vehicle & Other Asset management
Shuttering Materials management
Asset Transfer
Asset Scrap
Shuttering Materials Scraps

Manage these huge costly items using infraconsoft. Non management may cause huge loss.

6)Infraconsoft-pre-project module

a)Create Project Estimation , work types and sub works involved in the Project.
b) assign all the Raw materials, measurement details, qty, Rate etc., involved in the project.
c)Finally view the Total Estimation Cost for the Project.

Manage multiple projects in one branch /site

7)Infraconsoft -Post-project module

a)Manage the Successful and Unsuccessful Tender
b)manage the Ongoing Projects

Manage the ongoing multiple projects /multiple activities. multiple branchs/sites with ease.

8)Infraconsoft -Production module

a)All the BOM’S (bill of materials) will listed out in Production module
b)This Production entry is connected with Inventory Management

Mix different items and produce one new item and find the cost of the new item and manage it.

9)Infraconsoft -project payment module

a)track the payments of Individual project
b) generate the bills for each Labour charge.
b) generate Project-wise bills
and more and more..

Manage different sub contractor bills

10)Infraconsoft -Tally* Integration module

a)Do all the inventory entries in inventory module
b)"Just press a button" to auto integrate all these entries automatically in Tally* accounting software.
c)Check many new reports that is not provided in Tally*
d)Your tally data resides in your own system.

d)Everything on a "click of a button"

e)download the inventory data to even multiple branch(s) where the tally* integration is needed

f)Entries are done in inventory software from many branches. But in one click it all gets into the right branch accounting software . all the previous datas are safe when its updated. This is our customers experience in 10 years of usage

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