Infraconsoft – Infra- Eight module 10 License plan (8M10L-1)

Ref:- NIPL /infra/ 8M10L-1/1/21-22 Prices/plans/specifications subject to change without notice.

Plan details:- Requirement & plan configuration:-

1. 10 user license
2. 4 Branches including HO

Tally Management Software

Quotation for “Infra- Eight module 10 License plan (8M10L-1)” monthly user license plan (MULC) & List of modules included in the plan     


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1. Infraconsoft Corporate Inventory:- INV-4MP-2
2. Tally*-  Integration (from Infraconsoft Inventory to Tally accounting  software)    TMP-2
3. Corporate-1 -Vehicle /Fleet/Plant & machinery Management FM-1A
4. Corporate  Payroll Management plan – x1 HRMS-1A
5. Infraconsoft- Asset Management plan-x1 Asset-2
6. Infraconsoft -pre-project ,post project –x1 Pre-post-2
7. Infraconsoft –production module –x1 prod-2
8.   Payment & Vouchers (Project/ contractor/labour payment tracking) x1  PV-2
9. Infraconsoft-User License” –x8  Infra-UL -1A
10. Infraconsoft-Branch License”  x4 Infra-BL -1
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Total monthly subscription  plan charges

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1. Prices can be seen by clicking on the “product code”
2. Prices mentioned in the product code is for 1 module, 1 license for 1 month (as the case may be)
3. Prices are already highly discounted as different modules are integrated with one another and are huge modules.
4. In ,many modules there are 4 modules included and sold as one module.(eg  INV-4MP-2 )
5. Still discounts are available based on the number of user license(s)  and modules needed by customer.
6. For those who opt for yearly plan and yearly payments special discounts are available.
7. Prices and offers are subject to change anytime without notice.
8. First time training and implementation plans:-  (payable whenever the hours are exhausted and used fully by “customer”) . (Optional) The basic training hours are included in the plan. In case if you need more training or customization, you may opt for our First time implementation & Training plan (FIT -1) & Prepaid customization Plans” (CAT -1) plans

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