Terms of quotation (TOQ) Infraconsoft.com Construction & Road construction management erp-

Terms of Quotation number: NIPL/infra/TOQ/D1/20-21 dated Monday, July 26, 2021

“Terms of quotaion” for www.infraconsoft.com

Section 1:-

1)The use of www.infraconsoft.com software herein referred as “software” ,(or) "website" (or) “infraconsoft” which is owned and maintained by Nissi Infotech Private Limited herein referred as “NIPL” is governed by the terms and conditions set forth below.

2)The person from India who has paid "NIPL "for the "software" and confirmed by the "payment acknowledgement" by NIPL herein referred as “customer” and in specific places for specific particular reason referred as “Indian customer”

3)The person from any country other than India who has paid "NIPL "for the "software" and confirmed by the "payment acknowledgement" by NIPL herein referred as “customer” and in specific places for specific particular reason referred as "“overseas customer”.

4)"NIPL" offers the “software”, as per the "“ Infraconsoft subcription plans”" signed up by to the “customer” which will be available in either the “quotation’ referred in payment acknowledgement for those who contacted via email . For those who placed order online the "“ Infraconsoft subcription plans”" details will be available in the www.infraconsoft.com and also in the “order confirmation” details sent by NIPL.

4) “customer” upon acceptance of all terms and conditions stated herein and by accessing, using, subscribing, or placing an order over the Website, (or) directly via mail communication , agrees to the terms set forth herein.

5) By using or continuing to use the “software” , it is deemed as “customer” has fully agreed to all these terms and conditions in their entirety. The “customer” is not authorized to use the "software" in any manner or form whatsoever in case “customer” is not in agreement with any of the clause of this “Terms of quotation (TOQ)”


7)"NIPL" reserves the right to update and change, from time to time, to this "terms of quotation (TOQ)". The “customer” can find the most recent version of these Terms at https://infraconsoft.com/TOQ . Use and continuous use of the "software" by “customer” constitutes the acceptance of all such changes and terms. Any new features, modules, or tools which are added to the current “software” shall also be subject to the “terms of quotation”.

8)Document ref number:- NIPL/infra/TOQ/D1/20-21 Updated as on Monday, 26 July 2021. To know if this “Terms of Service” document has been updated , NIPL encourages “customer” to check this "Document ref number & date" to know the changes.


Section 1:- “ Infraconsoft subcription plans”

If you have subscribed for one or more of the following “pricing plans” of Infraconsoft.com, then all those subscriptions are subject to the following “Terms of quotation (TOS) given below:-

1. Infraconsoft Corporate Inventory:- :- INV-4MP-1
2. Infraconsoft - Advanced Inventory - ( INV-5MP-1)
3. Infraconsoft Premium Inventory - product code :- ( INV-6MP-1)
4. Tally*- Integration (from Infraconsoft Inventory to Tally accounting software) - TMP-1)
5. Infraconsoft – Vehicle / Fleet / Plant and machinery management Module plans
6. Corporate-2 -Vehicle /Fleet/Plant & machinery Management :- (FM-2)
7. corporate 3 -Vehicle /Fleet/Plant & machinery Management :- (FM-3)
8. Corporate Payroll Management plan - (HRMS-1)
9. Advanced Payroll Management plan - (HRMS-2)
10. Premium Payroll Management (HRMS-3)
11. Infraconsoft- Asset Management plan - (Asset-1)
12. Infraconsoft –scrm – (Iscrm-1)
13. Lion crm.in – leads management - (lion-1)
14. Infraconsoft -pre-project ,post project – (Pre-post-1)
15. Infraconsoft –production module – (prod-1)
16. Payment & Vouchers (Project/ contractor/labour payment tracking) (PV-1)
17. Infraconsoft First time implementation plans & Support plans
18. First time implementation & Training plan (FIT -1
19. First time implementation & Training charges (FIT -2)
20. First time overseas implementation & Training plan (O-FIT -1) for “overseas customers”
21. First time overseas implementation & Training plan (O-FIT -2) for “overseas customers”
22. Prepaid customization Plans” (CAT -1)
23. Prepaid customization Plans” (CAT -2)
24. Prepaid overseas customization Plans (O-CAT -1) for “overseas customers”
25. Prepaid overseas customization Plans (O-CAT -2) for “overseas customers”
26. Infraconsoft-User License” (Infra-UL -1)
27. Lioncrm.in user license (Lion-UL-1)
28. Infra-scrm User License (Infra-scrm-UL-1)


Section 2:- About Software:-

a) This software is web based software which will work through internet only , so that you can view your software reports from anywhere any time.

b) The training will be provided over phone, internet, chat , email – In case you need our staff to come to your location and provide training, that can be done at extra cost

c) Kindly allocate one staff from your side who knows English for this training to learn from us and train others at your office


Section 3:- License information:-

1. Pack name :- refer “Infraconsoft order confirmation letter”
2. Plan name (s) :- refer “Infraconsoft order confirmation letter”
3. Server license:- – “Nissi server License” (Software works from Nissi server only)
4. Online User license – refer “Infraconsoft order confirmation letter”
5. HO /Branch(camp)/stores License :- refer “Infraconsoft order confirmation letter”
6. projects /sub-store(site):- refer “Infraconsoft order confirmation letter”
7. *Tally -infraconsoft integration module license - refer “Infraconsoft order confirmation letter”
8. Admin user- refer “Infraconsoft order confirmation letter”
9. Number of plans (or) modules requested – refer “Infraconsoft order confirmation letter”
10. Compatibility license:- Mobile compatible-responsive version.
11. Desk only version license:- Not included.
*tally is the brand owned by respective owners


Section 4:- Infraconsoft.com software -Version details:-

1. Software version: Infraconsoft-ver-4 (online)
2. Web based version-Cloud-Online software
3. compatible to mobile & Tablets
4. Online version Can be accessed via internet from anywhere anytime.


Section 5:- Quotation:- refer “ Infraconsoft subcription plans” @ www.infraconsoft.com

a) Offer date and “ Infraconsoft subcription plans” price validity date :- refer “the price validit date in the “ Infraconsoft subcription plans” page.


Section :-6 “Terms of quotation”(ToQ) :-Terms for Infraconsoft – Nissi server License:-

1. The “ prices” is given for “ Infraconsoft subcription plans” specifications detailed in each plans valid upto ““ Offer date” as mentioned in the website . If “““customer”” does not opt and pay before the offer date , there after, any of the prices, specifications, plans , offers , terms or anything that is mentioned in the “ Infraconsoft subcription plans” are subject to change.

2. To process the order “““customer”” will first accept the “Terms of quotation”(ToQ) by making payment for 1 or multiple plans selected by them based on the prices mentioned in the “ Infraconsoft subscription plans” which will be deemed as acceptance of this “Terms of quotation”(ToQ)

a) All monthly subscriptions (MULC )of www.infraconsoft.com are for 12 months paid on monthly basis. The subscription when paid , infrastructure is created for the software to work for “customer” for the next 12 months. Hence, “customer” agrees and understands that the subscription is paid and committed to pay for 12 months and their credit /debit cards will be automatically debited for the amount every month and no cancellations for the next 12 months is allowed.

3. on receipt of the payment the “welcome letter” along with “Terms of service” (TOS) link will be sent for acceptance of ““““customer””. Once the “Terms of service” (TOS) has been accepted the training on the software will start. If the training has started for the “““““customer” , its deemed as “““““customer” has read and understood the “Terms of service” (TOS) The terms of Infraconsoft contract terms which will continuously updated and will be accessible anytime from the admin area of infraconsoft user license login. Continuance of usage of Infraconsoft software is deemed as ““customer” in full knowledge of the terms and in full agreement and acceptance of “Terms of service” (TOS).

4. “quotation” means this commercial proposal for subscribing the user license of infraconsoft that will be sent to “- “““customer”” if the enquiry for the software was received vide email or enquiry form.

5. “order confirmation” means the commercial proposal & order confirmation for subscribed user license of infraconsoft that will be sent to “- “““customer”” if the enquiry for the software was received vide the "online payment" link through the url www.infraconsoft.com

6. The "addressee" of the “quotation” (or) “order confirmation” to whom its is being sent here in referred as “““customer””” .

7. Nissi Infotech P Ltd here in referred as (“NIPL”) (or) nissi”).

8. Delivery of software license logins will be as follows:-

a. “order confirmation” will be sent within 24 hours
b. Infraconsoft implementation agenda “welcome letter”– will be sent within 36 hours from the date of payment.
c. The subscribed “module license” or the “User license” will be sent within 7 days from the date of payment.

9. Payment terms:- 100% advance on or before ““offer date” .

10. ““““customer”” customer boarding discount” (CBD) means the usual initial discount charges extended by Nissi to all “““customer””s to subscribe to infraconsoft software irrespective of they (“““customer””s) request for discount or not for the following reasons.

a. This (CBD)) is also provided to compensate for the time taken from software subscription and the time of full implementation.
b. This (CBD)) is also provided for “““customer””s to spend for implementation & customization as long as possible so that they can have a fully customized software perfectly suitable as per their working culture.

11. Yearly user license charges (YULC) (or) Half yearly user License charges (HYUL) (or) Quarterly user license charges (QULC) (or)Monthly user license charges (MULC) are to be paid exactly on due date and are being paid by “““customer””s . These subscriptions are being paid only as subscription charges to use the software until such time the “““customer””s want to use the software . Immediately once the payment is discontinued by the “““customer””s the software subscription will be disabled by NIPL and the software user license of “““customer””s will stop working.

12. Tally*- Integration (from Infraconsoft Inventory to Tally accounting software – services (IF SUBCRIBED ) has been included for number of branches :-

a. "as mentioned in " Section 5 b" of the “order confirmation” “quotation” only.
b. “Tally*” herein referred is the “Tally accounting software” *brand owned by third party.
c. “Tally* integration” means the integration of the entries done in the inventory module of Infraconsoft software to the “ Tally accounting software” .
d. If “customer” is intending to use tally in their future branches and if it has to be integrated with Inventory, then the “Infraconsoft tally integration license” for additional branches has to be purchased separately at extra cost per branch.
e. Also the “- “““customer””” has to purchase the original Tally license for HO and all branches where the tally integration has to be done.
f. Any new facilities/features/customization needed by” “- “““customer””” ” other than the integration ,facilities, reports that are already existing and provided in the “infraconsoft -tally integration module” will be treated as new request and new customization as per the terms and will be charged extra.

13. ““Nissi Onsite Implementation staff- (NOMIS) meaning :- (This service is not available until the covid 19 is fully eradicated) “Infraconsoft implementation” (or)“software implementation” means Nissi will send one staff to the premises of “customer”” for teaching the ““customer””” how to use the infraconsoft software , how to adapt and use the infraconsoft software fully for day to day use for business activities and handhold the ““customer””” and staff of “customer”” to use the software fully until they are fully able to use the software subject to the availability of the prepaid support plan(s) detailed in ““ Infraconsoft subcription plans” (or) section 5C,D,& E” of the "quotation" (or) " order confirmation" as the case may be.

14. “PREPAID remote “Online Implementation & training”” means Nissi will allocate one staff to train the “customer”” remotely online by connecting to the computer of “customer”” from Nissi HO Coimbatore . This is for teaching the ““customer””” how to use the infraconsoft software , how to adapt and use the infraconsoft software fully for day to day use for business activities and handhold the ““customer””” and staff of “customer”” to use the software fully until they are fully able to use the software subject to ““““customer””” is paying the pre- paid -commercial plans detailed in “““ Infraconsoft subcription plans” (or) in the “ section 5C,D,& E”” of the "quotation" (or) " order confirmation" as the case may be

15. “customization” means to make changes to infraconsoft software and to modify, add features , modules ,reports etc., in the software as per the request of ““customer””” if the request is technically and commercially cleared ,viable and possible. (software customizations are subject to the pre- paid -commercial plans “subscribed” from “ Infraconsoft subcription plans” (or) detailed in “section 5C,D,& E” and are paid until the “customization” is required by ““““customer””” are completed.

16. “User License” means the “subscription charges payable by “““customer”” to use the infraconsoft software” for a specific period . Each login and a password(s) provided by Nissi Infotech P ltd to “““customer””s to log into the infraconsoft software can access the allocated modules “as per the plan” purchased by ““customer””” from one computer at a time/by one person at a time. Using one user license and accessing different modules ,by different users , from different computers, simultaneously at the same time is not allowed. The access to any module will be based on the access rights provided to that particular “user” by the admin of the software.

17. “““customer””s may opt for more users, more modules, more branches, more stores, more work locations ,more of other services @ extra cost prevailing at the time of such request. If “““customer”” wants these facilities at the present prices, “““customer”” must subscribe for those “ Infraconsoft subcription plans”

18. For adding additional branches , (or) projects beyond what has been already provided, “““customer”” should purchase one user license for each branch or project facility that has to be added to the infraconsoft “user license”.

19. Nissi does not provide the infraconsoft software to any “““customer”” without first providing the full demonstration of the software explaining its features, online video demos and detailed feature list in the www.infraconsoft website plus vide the live demos if requested by “““customer”” Hence “““customer””s agree that they have seen the full demonstration of the software and only after checking all the features of the infraconsoft, they have ordered for the software. After placing the order and making the payment , “““customer”” agrees not to dispute anytime that they expected some feature to be there and its not there.

20. Customization/modification/adding new features to Infraconsoft:- The software quotation is given for the facilities that are already existing in the software only. All new features, modifications, customizations , whatever facility big or small that is not available in the software and is being requested by “““customer””s will be charged extra. For this purpose “Indian customers” are requested to subscribe for First time implementation & Training plans and “Prepaid customization & Training Plans” as explained in “section 5C,D,& E”.

21. Time taken for implementation:- Infraconsoft is a huge BUT USER FRIENDLY AND SIMPLE software with huge modules. So Implementation may take upto minimum of 1-2 months to complete for a 1 user and 1 module license. However the time may vary depending on :-

a. the speed in which the data requested by the Nissi implementation engineer is supplied by “customer””.
b. if there are more branches /sites and more users.
c. If the “““customer””s staff are not able to pick up the training at the speed expected. (or) not allocating time for training.
d. The data needed to be fed in infraconsoft is not ready in the format required by Nissi.
e. If the customization requested by “““customer”” more and if its runs for several months.
f. The implementation can be expedited by the “customer”” by following the rules, systems, instructions provided by implementation engineer of nissi. Implementation systems , rules and terms will be provided by nissi implementation engineer before starting the training. Also nissi advises ““customer””” to get ready with data and systems that is needed for speeding up the implementation.


Section 7:- “Infraconsoft software (Training, implementation) & customization process”

The methodology adopted by “NIPL” for customizing the “software” for “Indian “customer””.

1) Training schedule will be sent in advance, to enable “customer”” to block their convenient date(s).
2) Training will be provided online connecting via any mutually convenient online meeting software.
3) Once the training/implementation has been completed, the hours of training will be informed to “customer”” by mail as information about used hours and balance hours.
4) Once the training and implementation has been completed and if there is balance hours , that will be used for “customization”.
5) If there are no balance hours, “customer”” will be informed to purchase additional prepaid hours. Once purchased, the training or implementation or the customization will continue.


1. The details about the changes needed in the software will be sent by “Indian “customer”” by mail.

2.”NIPL” will check the same and prepare “Customization prototype” (“prototype”) and send to “customer” for checking and confirming if ““customer”” has understood it correctly.

3.Once prototype is approved by ““customer”” “ customization approval document “ (CUD) document mentioning the

a) “CMR” number
b) date of schedule and date of delivery
c) total hours taken to complete the job will be presented to “customer” for approval

4.Once the “ customization approval document “ (CUD) and “MHP” is approved and the prototype approved by ““Indian “customer””” the work on the customization of Infraconsoft software will be started.

5.Once the work on the customization has been completed , “NIPL” will schedule an online demo to “customer” to check if all is fine.

6. if all is fine , software will be uploaded to the “user license” of ““Indian “customer”””.

7.If “Indian “customer”” is requesting for any changes, it will be taken as “new customization” under new cost and once again demo will be scheduled and the process for the new request will go through the same process as explained in 1-7 will be repeated . If “customer” approves the customization will be up uploaded to “user license” of “Indian “customer””. If not the above process of customization will be followed until the “customer” is satisfied with customization.

8. every time a new request is given by “customer” , the “ “Infraconsoft software customization process” will be done by NIPL and has to be approved by ““Indian “customer””” to ensure the “Indian “customer”” is clear on what job is being done , how much time it will take, how much will be the cost of the customization . This is to ensure there is a complete clarity on the matter for both NIPL and “customer”.


Section :-8 Other Terms for Infraconsoft – Nissi server License:-

1. “User license Renewal charges :- The Yearly user license charges (YULC) has to be paid every year , 30 days before the “first payment” (due date) This is irrespective when the training and implementation, customization has been completed finally. The Infraconsoft software is fully ready and usable. The customization to the software will be done only when the “ “““customer””” is requesting some changes to the software and it will be done until the “““customer”” is requesting for the same. The huge discount offers are provided to “- “““customer”””s is to cover the cost during such reasonable delays(from both sides) if any only. Once the User license has been enabled, the user licenses becomes due for renewal exactly on “due date”.

2 .“user license renewal increase”(ULRI)” User license charges will be increased 20% every year to support the constant cost escalations and demand for more infrastructure, technology updates and server security and support for the Infraconsoft software.The yearly increase will be applicable for Infraconsoft Yearly user License charges (YULC), for Infraconsoft Half yearly user License charges (HULC) for Infraconsoft quarterly user License charges (QULC) and Infraconsoft monthly user License charges (MULC) exactly after 12 months from the date of first payment (date of order).

3.Hosting space for software :- All the allocated users license will be provided 1 GB (one GB hosting space each for the first year along with software.. If the space requirement increases faster than expected , Nissi will add more space to ““customer””” every year to cope up with the demand by the usage of “customer”” at extra cost prevailing at the time of such request.

4.Refund /cancellation policy for those who paid online without receiving a business proposal and invoice with Terms of service link:- a)“- “““customer””s” can request for a cancellation within 7 days from the date of order and payment .

4a.Refund /cancellation policy for those who have received the business proposal and received the terms of quotation and terms of service link along with invoice:- “““customer””s” can request for a cancellation within 7 days from the date of order and payment .

4b)Thereafter for the first year , there will be no refund /cancellation allowed. From 2nd year onwards if the ““customer””” any time prefers not to continue may decide not to renew their contract by informing nissi 90 days in advance before the expiry. When a new “- “““customer””” is inducted, Nissi creates a big infrastructure to support his software and pay for it in advance so , once its all done its not possible for us to refund so we maintain this no-refund-policy.

5. Database maintenance and backups :-Nissi will provide back up and maintenance. our staff will take daily back up and restore it as and when needed. In fact the back up is also taken automatically from the cloud server to another cloud server so that extra caution is taken on the back ups. The back up of “- “““customer””” data is provided to “- “““customer”””s in xl format if “- “““customer”””s would like to cancel their subscription with nissi and shift to some other vendor. This xl back up “- “““customer”””s can take and use it as they please. In case of “- “““customer”””s need the back up in any specific format, then the cost of conversion of the same will cost extra . Just to note here about the data back up, we have never lost any data of “- “““customer”””s for the past 15 years not even once.

Infraconsoft.com is a software product that has been under constant improvement since the year 2008. Hence Infraconsoft.com is having thousands of “minute usage conveniences”. This product has been in continuous use and continuous development by Nissi’s own market research and also by our “- “““customer”””s for their specific minute needs for several years.

Infraconsoft is being implemented and used all over India and our staff have traveled to our “- “““customer”””s locations , staying there and implementing infraconsoft software (before covid 19). While comparing to the excellent service we give , and strong features , and 10 modules of the software , we know that the cost we are quoting is so low and it also comes with several discount packages for those who pay before the offer date. We encourage you to opt for the current offers and take advantage of the discounts as early as possible.

The implementation & support team
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