Features of Asset Management

Features :

  • Land Asset
  • Vehicle & Other Asset
  • Shuttering Materials
  • Asset Transfer
  • Asset Scrap
  • Shuttering Materials Scraps

1. Land Asset

  • In Land Asset we can track the details of Property in Name of , Patta No Seller Name, Survey No, Extend, Date of Acquisition, Purchase Value , Tax Payment details etc.,
  • We can upload the scanned copy of Land document and Tax document, whenever we required we can download the copies.
  • We have the option to make the entry of Land Sales.
  • In Head office we can manage the Land Asset.

2. Vehicle Asset

  • In Vehicle Asset we can create the basic details of vehicles like as vehicle code, Make, Model, serial no, Invoice no, Purchase Date, Purchase Value etc.,
  • We can create other assets also like Electric motors, Gear Box, Diesel Compressors etc.,
  • Based on the entry of Purchase value and (Written down value) WDV % it will auto calculate the depreciation value and WDV Value.

3. Shuttering Materials

  • Same like as asset we can create master details of Shuttering materials.
  • In this screen we can track the details of Invoice number, Purchase Value, No of Qty etc.,

4. Asset Transfer

  • WE have the option to transfer the movable asset from one branch to another branch.
  • For Asset transfer we have the approvals, without the approval we can’t receive the asset.

5.Asset Scrap

  • Based on the result of depreciation value and WDV Value, we can scrap the assets.
  • WE have separate report for scrapped asset in that we can view the details of Scrap Date, Proposed By & Approved By

6. Shuttering Materials Scrap

  • Same like as Asset scrap we have separate screen for Shuttering materials scrap.
  • Once the Scrap entry done for Shuttering materials automatically in shuttering materials the qty will reduced.
  • For scrapped Shuttering materials we have separate report
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