Have you ever wondered having your construction project operating securely online, viewable/editable anywhere in the world? Do you feel bugged to make calls to know the status of the project? Nissi has the solution to ease your work!

Infraconsoft software helps people with different roles and responsibilities work together regardless if they are at the office or job site. The software has the following modules includes:

  • Inventory management
    • Stores management
    • Purchase management
    • vendor management
  • Asset Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Vehicle /fleet management
  • Payment & Vouchers (Project wise payment tracking)
  • Please download our product brochure for more information.
  • Project Management (Pre-order confirmation )
    • a. With Bill of quantities (BOQ) included-integrated
  • Project Management ( Post- Order confirmation)
  • Production
    • a. With Bill of Materials (BOM) included- Integrated
  • Tally *Accounting software Integration from Infraconsoft Inventory module.

*Tally brand owned by respective owners
Construction Project Management Software



Easy to Use

Sustainable Solution

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Are you managing your inventory securely, perfectly and economically? No! Infraconsoft

inventory management software

offers much more affordable, easy to use, sustainable solutions to rapidly evaluate map and manage work assets, including stocks, purchase order processing, delivery details, supplier details and other utilities.

It's easy to run an efficient business when you have everything working together in our inventory management software. Instantly end inventory headaches and eliminate inventory write-offs. With Infraconsoft, you'll be able to better manage inventory levels and costs, better meet expectations and hence improve customer service.

Road Construction Project Management Software


Improving Efficiency


Reducing the overall costs

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Is your industry growing day by day and your construction vehicles spreading across the land like an army advancement? Can you gauge the wearing out of each spares in every vehicle? Do you have trouble tracking the right fuel consumption and the exact position of the vehicle?

If yes! Then you need

vehicle management software

providing management functions which allow companies to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicles owned by the companies. This software is not restricted to managing the individual vehicles, but includes the daily management of vehicles, fuel and services, spare parts, drivers, etc.

When it comes to improving efficiency, productivity and reducing the overall costs involved with a company's vehicle it is essential to have Vehicle Management Software in place.

Construction and Infrastructure Management Software


Keeping expenses in check

Record and monitor

Reconcile your bank accounts and transactions

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We developed separate integration software for

tally accounting software

. The software allows you to easily manage the money flowing in and out of your business. Manage your customers and invoices, while keeping expenses in check. Record, monitor and reconcile your bank accounts and transactions, and collaborate with your accountant in real-time.

ERP Management Accounting Software


Very Easy


User-friendly Software

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Every Company process payroll for its employees, as a company grows manual processing becomes difficult. We designed the software which can meet all the requirements of the user, there is no need of manual entries.

payroll management

is very easy, flexible and user-friendly software that takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of employee. It not only keeps track of your employee's daily work logs, rather their entire details from salary to transfers within branches in detail.

Web Based ERP Software Company

Project Management

Simplifies the planning.

Planning for project managers

Facilitates Execution

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Project Management

Have you ever had trouble arranging orders in the priority of different orders? May be you had those pressure free days when you were new to the industry when you could arrange them in the count of your ten fingers. Not anymore! This module helps you prioritize your orders/contracts in the best right order. Does that not relieve your mind off a great deal pressure?

project management software

is an integrated and collaborative web-based platform to manage your projects, finances, resources and business processes online.
This software simplifies the planning for project managers and facilitates execution for team members. It provides project teams with a real-time view on project priorities and task delivery dates, calculates the actual resource workload and availability as well as automatically tracks project completion progress.
With Infraconsoft all-in-one software, it covers the full project management lifecycle in a single system.