Infraconsoft “@ site” Inventory control & management

What is :- Infraconsoft “@ site” Inventory control ?

“Infraconsoft “@ site” Inventory “ is to provide much security /accountability for the companies over the Inventory that are being delivered at the “ project site”.

In simple terms “Infraconsoft “@ site” Inventory “ works like this

  • PURCHASE REQUEST @site supervisor ( BY SUPERVISOR THRU MOBILE) from the site is placed in the infraconsoft purchase module.
  • Goods are sent by supplier to the “project site “
  • When the vehicle arrives in the project site , the supervisor takes a photo of the vehicle along with its full load of Materials.
  • Also the supervisor takes the actual weight of the vehicle in the weighing machine and the Supplier Name, No of vehicle, along with quantity is entered by the supervisor from his mobile into the infraconsoft software .(date of transaction auto updated by the infraconsoft software)
  • Once the Load is unloaded the supervisor takes photo of the “full load” again and uploads the photo to the same GRN transaction
  • Once the vehicle has emptied the materials , the supervisor takes the photo of it again and uploads to the same grn
  • Once the vehicle has offloaded the materials , the supervisor once again does the weight check of the vehicle in the weighing machine and uploads the weight into the infraconsoft software.
  • Thus the HO is able to check the

    • If the Vehicle with load reached the project site
    • if the material was really delivered to the “project site”
    • What was the weight of the vehicle and the load together
    • What was the weight of the vehicle without the load
    • The picture of the load offloaded at the site
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