Features of Post & Project Management

Features :

  • Pre Project Management
    • Project Estimation /BOQ
    • Tender Details
  • Post Project Management
    • Ongoing Project
  • Production Inward
  • Receivable Entry

1. Project Estimation/BOQ

  • In

    Project Estimation

    we can create what are all the work types and sub works involved in the Project.
  • We can assign all the Raw materials, measurement details, qty, Rate etc., involved in the project.
  • Finally we can view the Total Estimation Cost for the Project.

2.Tender Details

  • In Tender entry automatically the estimation detail will listed out.
  • We can select the particular estimation for creating the tender.
  • Once the Tender entry is done we have two process
    • Tender Success
    • Tender Unsuccessful
  • If tender is success it will move to Ongoing project
  • If tender is unsuccess it will stop in tender itself.

3. Ongoing Project

In Ongoing Project we can track the following details

  • Risk/Issues
  • Documentation
  • Photos
  • Do/Dont's
  • Vendor Details
  • Rate Approval
  • Purchase Order
  • Program/DPR
  • BOQ/Operative
  • Reconciliation

4) Production Inward

  • If any production Outward entry done for a Project in

    Production Management

    means, we can make the inward entry.

5) Receivable Entry

  • In Receivable entry we can track the payment received from the customers.
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